Toronto Area Interfaith Council Board of Directors

The following is a list of the TAIC Board of Directors appointed by the TAIC Members at the meeting of June 28, 2016 for the 2016 to 2019 term of office. The term of office for all of the members that wanted to continue as a Board member was extended to the next Annual General Meeting planned for late 2020..

Active Faith Group Members


Board MemberRole on BoardContact

Pam Aujla,

Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization

(647) 989-0436

Sidney Ikeda,

Toronto Buddhist Church


(416) 447-0986

Rev. Prakash Lohale,

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto


Rev. John Joseph Mastandrea,

United Church of Canada

Chair of the Projects Sub-Committee


Rabbi Shalom Schachter,

Toronto Board of Rabbis

Rev. Earl Smith,

Church of Scientology

Chair of the Membership Sub-Committee


Jeana Wilson,

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Active Individual Members


Board MemberRole on BoardContact

Liz Chappel,

Toronto Bahai Community

Vice-President and Chair of the Governance

Zul Kassamali,

Ismaili Muslim Community



Chander Khanna,


Bob White,

Roman Catholic



Sam Vesuna,

Zoroastrian Society of Ontario




Dear TAIC member,

It is time to invite you to consider payment of your TAIC annual membership fees for 2020.

Thanks to your contribution this year, we were able to achieve our Mission to contribute to pluralism by ‘affirming the importance of ethics, spirituality and faith in the daily life of the people of Toronto and to promote understanding, harmony, respect and acceptance among the faith communities in the Toronto area’.

Collectively, we participated in and facilitated significant events related to interfaith dialogue and we spoke out against acts of murder, terrorism, and hate against people of faith in the USA, New Zealand and Sri Lanka. We were also able to mobilize the people of Toronto, Ontario and Canada to participate in international, national and local events as shown in the TAIC Annual Report of July 2019.

Your participation in 2021 will help us achieve our objectives which include working with other organizations to bring together leaders from faith communities, government, NGO’s, industry and the poor in the Toronto area to participate in a summit to improve the quality of life of the poor by ‘breaking the cycle of poverty with dignity’. We are also working on programs to mobilize the faith communities to prepare for extreme weather.

Kindly return the completed registration form (enclosed) and your cheque, made out to Toronto Area Interfaith Council, to the above address and the attention of the Treasurer.

On behalf of the TAIC Board of Directors, I wish to express my personal thanks for your continued interest and cooperation.

Improve quality of life


Zul Kassamali


Toronto Area Interfaith Council (TAIC)

Membership Form

I am applying as a representative of one of the following:

Letter of Appointment

15 + 12 =

Membership Information

Active Member

    1. Representative of Faith Group, appointed, in writing by the Faith Group.
    2. Representative of a Congregation / Association, appointed, in writing by the Congregation / Association.
    3. Individuals interested in interfaith dialogue.

Membership Fees

    1. Faith Group Members                                                         $200.00
    2. Congregation / Association Members                              $100.00
    3. Individual Members                                                             $ 50.00
    4. Students                                                                                 $ 25.00

Please return this completed form along with a cheque made out to Toronto Area Interfaith Council and send it to:

Toronto Area Interfaith Council
Office of Ecumenical and Interfaith Affairs
1155 Yonge Street, Suite 100,
Toronto, Ontario M4T 1W2 Canada